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LRR was introduced in 2001 to support developments, regeneration projects, fit-outs and refurbishments.

Land Remediation Relief (LRR) was introduced in 2001 to support developments, regeneration projects, fit-outs and refurbishments that aim to re-use land previously blighted by industrial use.

LRR is available to property investors, developers and any corporation tax paying companies working in commercial property. LRR is specifically a relief from corporation tax. Claims can provide a deduction of 100%, plus an additional deduction of 50% for qualifying expenditure incurred by companies bringing long term derelict land back into use or for cleaning up land acquired from a third party in a contaminated state.

You can claim with Areande if:

  • The land is not in a contaminated state due to the claimant company
  • The claimant company has a ‘major interest’ (freehold or minimum lease of seven years) in the relevant land
  • The expenditure has not been subsidized (e.g by grant funding)
  • The acquisition cost of the land was specifically discounted to account for the cost of remediation works and stated as such in the purchase agreement.
  • In the case of derelict land, be out of productive use, and be incapable of being brought back into productive use unless buildings or structures on it are removed.

You can claim with Areande for:

  • Remediation of contaminated land
  • Removal of asbestos contamination in soil and concrete
  • Breaking-out buried structures
  • Treatment of harmful organisms and naturally occurring contaminants
  • Radon protection measures
  • Japanese knotweed.

Whether you are a loss-making company, a property developer, or an owner occupier, Areande can help with new, ongoing, and retrospective claims for Land Remediation Relief. (The time limit for retrospective claim is up to 3 years.)

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